Study in The UAE

Why study in The UAE?

The United Arab Emirates or the Emirates is a modern, vibrant, dynamic and diverse federation of seven emirates each with its own unique characteristics and charm.

Thanks to its rapid development, cosmopolitan campuses, world-class universities and modern facilities the UAE became one of the most popular destinations for international students who are interested to receive high quality education but also to broaden their cultural horizons.

The UAE's higher education system is influenced by the most prestigious universities and respected countries in academia such as France, Canada, Germany, Russia, the UK and USA. That means that studying in the UAE you will receive high quality education, a degree from one of the partner countries but also learn more about the Islamic culture.

On the top of that the UAE is considered one of the most secure and safeties countries in the world therefore, as a student you’ll be safe while working towards receiving your desired qualification.

Top reasons to study in The UAE?

  • High quality education +
  • Abundance of resources and facilities +
  • Study and communicate in English +
  • The most modern, futures rich, and fast-growing education system +
  • Scholarships, discounts and affordable living costs +
  • Future perspective +

Happy students

an image of student Ana Mantaluti

Ana Mantaluti

Human Resource with Law
@ University of Bedfordshire

I chose HR with Law without knowing too much about the course and the learning system in the UK, so having Smart Education Pro by my side whenever I had questions was very useful and encouraging.

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