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Alin P. Matei the CEO of Smart Education Pro has found his calling back in Jan 2017 as the co-founder of CAS Smart Solutions. Later in 2018 he has also founded EEU Smart Solutions and in April 2021, Smart Education Pro was born. All companies are running successfully in the educational industry. His story starts far from where he is now, as an Amazon employee and UK student. His passion and determination made him reach his goals.

“Being a student in central London, I came to the realization of how important education is, particularly important in our digital and fast-changing world where new technologies are amplifying each other at an unprecedented rate, intensified by the opportunity that the UK government offers under the Student Finance scheme was my “eureka” moment. And since that day, I dedicated my life to building that bridge between now and the future by facilitating the access to quality education for our communities” Alin says.

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The UK office team

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an image of student Ana Mantaluti

Ana Mantaluti

Human Resource with Law
@ University of Bedfordshire

I chose HR with Law without knowing too much about the course and the learning system in the UK, so having Smart Education Pro by my side whenever I had questions was very useful and encouraging.

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